Drift 3

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If you want to become a professional racing driver, you cannot ignore the Drift 3 game. In challenging race tracks, react quickly to survive to the end.

Are you passionate about speed? You like multiplayer races for added challenges. Join the races in Drift 3 to experience yourself right away.

Drift 3 Features

Completely different from the usual racing games, in Drift 3 you will experience erratic emotional ups and downs. why, because you have to compete with many different opponents, the competition is very strong. And yet, the Drift racetrack is famous for its slippery roads, and sharp and dangerous turns. The track has 8 players, which means you have to face 7 opponents from everywhere. And yet the attractive images and sounds will increase your sense of authenticity and aggression.

The Target

In this race, you must be the last person alive during the race to win. So, control the racing car skillfully, quickly turn before the turns and push the opponents down the cliff. Do not think simply, if you do not pay attention to the map, unexpected turns appear, and you will also plunge straight into the cliff. At that point, you lose the game and have to play again. Only when you eliminate all opponents will you win. Along the track, also try to earn as many gold coins as possible to make yourself rich, upgrade the racing car and buy new cars that are suitable for all terrains of the difficult tracks behind.

Drift 3 Control

Wanting to be the winner of this multiplayer race is simple. You just need to have firm control of the steering wheel by controlling the mouse quickly when meeting a turning point. If you see an opponent near you, quickly move left or right to push the opponent down the cliff. When you eliminate all opponents, you will win and move on to the next challenging races with stronger opponents.

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